Arnold Family Days, Sept 17 & 18

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Arnold Family Days, Sept 17 & 18

Postby Chris K on Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:15 pm

September 17th-19th Arnold has asked the JC Sharpshooters to host a Disc Golf attraction for the Family Fun Days. The event is to promote and educate the locals on what disc golf is and how to play. It will cost a participant $15 adult, $10 child, the participant then gets a Hot Stamped disc and plays a round. Volunteers will be on hand to show participants how to play, volunteers also get fed and hydrated during the event. Participants can play anytime Saturday or Sunday before the fireworks. On Sunday afternoon, the participant present with the lowest score will win a prize, plaque, or trophy. All participants are winners because they get a custom stamped disc and learn about disc golf....

As part of the order for the custom stamped disc, we will be replenishing our club inventory. Look over the spread sheet and make sure we are ordering discs that you want to through. Let me know if I need to order any other disc.

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