"The Beginners' League" Notice

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"The Beginners' League" Notice

Postby Stubborn Puppet on Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:00 pm

I have started a topic about a beginners league in the "Leagues, Weeklies, Minis and Etc." forum


Please read and respond to that topic if applicable so we can get this going ASAP.




Be there and ready to play by 5:15pm

Format will be Singles for now. Once the size of the league permits, there will be rotating formats to help introduce the new players (which is who should be in this league) to alternate rules and other players.

$5 per person ($4 goes to payouts, $1 goes into building the league (prizes, CTP's (closest to pin awards) and a possible end of season cookout and glow tournament).

$1 optional ace pool (paying this additional dollar enters you into that weeks pool. The first person to hit an ace (and who has paid in to the pool on that day) wins the money in the pot... which will grow continuously until someone hits an ace during league play).

We will play two rounds of this 9 hole course and total it as 18 holes.

We also have some local pro and veteran players who have agreed to stop by the league from time to time to walk the course with us, giving advice on technique and discs to help us improve.

Please, this "Beginners' League" is a league ONLY for 1st and 2nd year players (or players who do indeed play at a normal 1st to 2nd year skill level), so we reserve the right to deny payout participation to players who are obviously too far ahead of the curve - you're still welcome to pay and play with the league, we just won't payout and you're not eligible for CTP's.

This will be a fun league where the focus is on learning more about the game and improving our skills on a beginner friendly course that is also a very technical course.

Spread the word, bring some friends who want to learn the game... See you there.
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