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Postby WELLdaMAN20 on Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:48 pm

I have a busy schedule this semester and have night class on Monday when the RCF meeting take place. I will be discussing getting funding for signs, tee markers and a bulletin board to start with. I have 2000 scorecards to go into the bulletin board. I'm doing things I can do until then because somebody needed to step up. I have gotten help and support from many people. You can't scrap a course just like that and thats a horrible idea. I will get on this asap. Please refrain from these comments so negative and give the club some time to get things rolling. Once they do they will keep going and it will just snowball from there. The reason I got appointed is because nothing was getting done and people knew I can change this around because of my enthusiasm. My name is well known in the club so why don't you complainers get your asses up and get your names known instead of just sitting around and supervising everyone else. It's alot eaisier to just watch everyone else and pick out what they are doing wrong.

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