Quail Ridge Summer Glow, May 15th

Wentzville, MO

Quail Ridge Summer Glow, May 15th

Postby magic on Wed May 05, 2010 1:28 pm

Quail Ridge Summer Glow 1

Saturday, May 15th
One round of singles

$10 per player
Glow sticks for discs will be available – 3 for $1

Players will be flighted depending on scores
Cash prizes available for each flight

Over 100 of the 22” glow sticks will be used to light the baskets

Field will be limited to 72 players
Pre-registration is recommended

Day of registration will be at shelter # 2 starting at 7:30
You must be registered by 8:15
Tee off at 8:30

To pre-register or for additional information contact:
Andy Majesky
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Re: Quail Ridge Summer Glow, May 15th

Postby magic on Sun May 16, 2010 2:38 pm

There were 29 participants. Thanks to everyone who made it out! The weather ended up being a non-factor other then a little mud.

There was a CTP for every hole that had a card starting on it. There were 5 CTP’s for $5 each and another 3 for merchandise. Below are the winners:

1 – Josh Cole
2 – Brian Strokotter
3 – Andy Majesky
4 – Shawn Boley
5 – ?
6 – Andy Majesky
7 – Josh Cole
8 – SLIK (CTP was a SLIK sticker. Gave to someone else. Thanks for the sticker!)

There was $290 paid in for entry fees. The parks dept keeps 25% which was $75. It would cost me at least $100 to run it including the glow sticks and shelter rental, so much better payout working with the parks dept. That worked out to $215 paid out not including the CTP’s. Bekin with the parks dept determined the total amount paid out in each flight while I was playing. I liked his breakdown, so I went with it.

I did feel bad once I got home and looked at who won what. Everyone on my card ended up being paid out which was completely unintentional. I also feel bad that there were 4 Hart’s that drove out together. The one with the best score walked away with nothing while the other 3 won $10 each.

I do like where I made the cuts, but if given more time to look at it I would have paid out $30 each to the top 2 guys in A flight and $15 each to myself and Bags. I would have also paid out $20 for 1st in B flight and given John Reeds $5. Other then that I’m OK with everything.

I know some guys don’t like how I do the flights. However I do like the fact that I see some guys winning money which I never see them win in other events because this way eliminates sandbagging. I also pay out more in the higher flights. It’s not a perfect system, but if anyone has some suggestions please let me know.

Below are the flights and the payout:

A Flight $90
49 Jim Nelms $25
49 Josh Cole $25
50 Andy Majesky $20
50 Steve Bagnard $20
52 Brian Strokotter
52 Damon Galmiche
52 Joe Hart
52 Brian Moskop
52 DJ Wilson

B Flight $75
53 Gary Polkinghorne $25
54 Dan Nixon $10
54 Brad Stuart $10
54 Ben Hart $10
54 Morgan Hart $10
54 Shawn Boley $10
55 John Reeds
56 David Bates
56 Josh Hoffman
56 Brian Walls
56 Mark Kane
56 Shaun Spiker

C Flight $50
57 Mike Cullen $15
57 TC Brown $15
58 Eric Hall $10
62 Simon Hart $10
63 Tim Wiegard
64 Chuck Hoffman
65 Wes Owens
77 Heather McEwen
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