Cuvy League---Red Hot Reds Straight UP--Starts March 28

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Cuvy League---Red Hot Reds Straight UP--Starts March 28

Postby 56ker on Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:40 pm

Red Hot Reds Straight up

REDS Straight UP

Starting Sunday March 28

If you want to play please bring your money on the Tuesday Night League to pay... Gary or I...

1. All players must pay in advance, five dollars.

2. NEW RULE Player can play with any Cuvy Member that carriers the current Cuvy TAG.

3. A week begins on a Sunday and ends on a Sunday. Which means you can play two games on the same day.

4. League will run for Six weeks, in which a player must play one game a week.

5. There will be one drop from the score card.

6. Players will play from the RED tee boxes at Quail Ridge. All course mandos and OB's are in play.

7. Any player that is missing a week will receive a score of 126.

8. When the members of the Cuvy agree to meet all Cuvy tags/ other TAGS as well are up even if players go out in smaller groups due to time constraints as a result of group size or time of day. You still must play with a Cuvy member. and you can't play around by yourself.

9. Scores must be posted no later than twenty four hours after close of play that week. If a player fails to post with the twenty four hour period they will be charged with a score of 126.

10. Place winners will receive cash. This will be determined after the number of players in league is determined. If enough players join the league we will try and have two-three flights. Top winner in all flights will get a T-shrit as well.

11. Any player who does not show course courtesy can be penalized one stroke after two reminders during a single round of play.

12. The winner will be determined by the player with the lowest score.

13. If there is a tie drop weeks will be used to break the tie.

14. And.... Remember This is a Game Have Fun Please
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