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Postby magic on Thu Feb 11, 2010 3:07 pm

After thinking about it some more I don't want to have the final week on Saturday's for this reason. Many of the participants in league also play in tournaments either locally or out of town. Weekends are also a time when many families have other engagements or are out of town especially once summer comes. I like the fact that league is on Tuesday's since for the most part it doesn't interfere with anything else. With that said though I would absolutely consider it if needed.

Below are the dates that have been submitted for league:
March 23rd - May 11th
May 25th - July 13th
July 27th - September 14th

I tried to do directly in the middle with sunset times. On March 23rd it is 7:19 and on September 14th it is 7:13. This does give us one break week between each session to use as a make up date. The starting dates for each session will not change though.

Everything has been submitted to the parks dept for staying late on the final night along with staying a little later on the nights when being out of the park 1/2 hour after sunset would be a problem. I have requested again to close the course from 4:00PM-6:00PM. We only have about a 2 hour window to close the course and this seemed to work OK last year. I realize that some groups don't start until 6:00 with me being one of them. It did give me an opportunity to stop casuals from playing through and explain to them what was going on. They of course could go to another hole and try to start, but most likely they would run into other league players no matter where they decided to start. We can't stop casual players from trying to play if they insist on doing so. If you think a different window of time for closing the course would work better please let me know your thoughts.

Once I get final approval from the parks dept I will post all of the details.
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Re: Quail Ridge League

Postby WestPlexer on Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:10 am

As a member of the horseshoe club all I know is that they made a deal with the county before the building was even built. They close the whole park except for the club parking lot. They just leave 1 ranger on duty until 11 pm and if we go past 11 the park charges the club for the overtime. So I think the problem with the early closing this year is most likely do to the parks' budget and or budget cuts. I have experienced what happens if you are on the disc golf course past "curfew" and let's just say, they treat you like you just robbed a bank! Our league does not need the rangers coming down on us! They are just itching to hassle us given the chance! Most of them are St Charles Police Cadets just waiting to be! And wanting experience. All in all good people, but hopefully Andy can sweet talk the county for us. Would a pettion be a useful tool?
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Re: Quail Ridge League

Postby Chucktown on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:01 pm

Any updates on the time situations?
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Re: Quail Ridge League

Postby magic on Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:48 pm

I talked with the parks dept yesterday and still no final word.

Here is the only thing I can come up with for now. We will go ahead and start on March 23rd. For the first few weeks we will have to start by 5:30. This will be moved back to 6:00 as daylight permits.

The biggest problem is still going to be the final night. Hopefully we can get approval to stay in the park late by then, but if not there are two other viable options. We can do the normal 8 week session then on week 9 (which for now is a bye week) have a players party starting around 6:00. I know many other leagues do it this way. The other option is to have the final night during the weekend. I hate not having things planned out in advance, but we’ll just have to play it by ear and see what happens.
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