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Postby listen4chains on Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:07 pm

Hi everyone. I was leaving the park this afternoon, and got pulled over by Dave and Mark, who are two of the most pronounced Park Rangers alive, and I am sure that many of you have been "visited" by these two.

I was under the influence of alcohol, end of story, but it just starts there, obviously...

I ALMOST got arrested. I had to do 3 different FIELD SOBRIETY tests, and I am certain I BARELY passed any of them. They had a St,. Charles County Sheriff come and give me a BREATHALIZER, I blew a 0.7, which, thank GOD was not one fraction higher, and I am also glad that I was fully cooperative! I KNOW FOR A FACT had I been unruly, or unknown to them, or unkind towards them in any way, I would be in JAIL RIGHT NOW> no joke, people!!! IN JAIL, for driving after I caught a buzz...

Watch what you do, and how you drive, they are not playing.... and NOW< neither AM I... I got EJECTED from ALL St. Charles County Parks, which includes QUAIL RIDGE, my home course, 5 minutes from my house, until January 2010. If I go there, and they see me, instant JAIL time, and THIS COULD BE YOU!!!

Luckily, it is me, and I am a grown man, and can accept responsibility for my [accidents], and this is DEFINITELY one of those... and I am so lucky it is only for 5 months, not the YEAR he was going to ban me from the Parks, which means I got a break, besides the NOT GOING TO JAIL, OR PAYING TO HAVE MY CAR TOWED AWAY, AND ALL THE OTHER RELATED COSTS OF A DUI CONVICTION>>> so...

PLEASE BE CAREFUL. You're welcome...

THIS COULD BE YOU< so think before you drink, and BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR KEYS IN THE IGNITION!!!!
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Postby missing link on Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:44 am

WOW you were lucky Eric!! This could happen to alot of us at Quail!! Some one was looking out for you and your family!!

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