Please Respect the Parks Employees/Mowers

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Please Respect the Parks Employees/Mowers

Postby fairweather_fan on Tue May 15, 2012 6:41 am

The following is from an email received by JB Course Captain Mark Dudenhoeffer, but could just as easily apply to any of our Disc Golf Courses in the County Parks system. Please remain respectful of those who mow and maintain the Courses that we all enjoy, as well as other Park Users!

"I would appreciate if you could mention to your disc golfers that when mowers are cutting over in disc golf to give them some respect. I had mowers over there today after lunch and 2 of them were almost hit 2 times with discs in the head. They had to stop mowing for fear of being hit with the heavy discs. We will try to mow earlier but you guys need to understand that we need to mow when we have the opportunity.
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