2011 Weekly

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2011 Weekly

Postby jaylewisstl on Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:28 am

We're firing up the 2011 Monday weekly today at 5pm. The course is set up long and the sun goes down pretty early, so we need to tee off as close to 5 as possible. We'll group the cards in threesomes to save time. When the days get a little longer, we'll push back the start time to 5:30.

Rules are same as last year - $5 for a singles round. By popular demand, I'm adding an ace pool this year. Get in for an extra buck.

One change of note - if you are a novice, you can pay a $1 entry fee (+$1 if in ace pool) and just play for the experience and bagtags. I'd like for this weekly to be an opportunity for Ams to improve their game by playing singles golf against stronger players, so I don't want the $5 to scare off Ams who feel like you're just throwing your money away. My philosophy is that $5 is a cheap round of golf win or lose and worth it to play against stronger players. I realize not everyone agrees with that, and that's okay, so I want to offer the option of a $1 novice entry fee as a way to get more people out on the course.

See you at Endicott. I don't check these boards as much as I do my email, so let me know if you have questions, comments, or snide remarks - jaylewisstl at yahoo.

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