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Get all the scores & and stats you need right here- including the STLDGC’s new River City Ratings system! A benefit of STL-area Club Membership, the Ratings are a great way to compare yourself to other golfers & track your progress, and can be used in a number of ways to enhance the competition at Club Tournaments and Events. Follow the links or read through the page for more info, and find your name on the Updates to see your current rating…

The River City Ratings…get your rating today!

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River City Ratings Updates & Links

October 3rd Update
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River City Ratings FAQ

Q: What are the River City Ratings all about?
A: The Ratings are a way for Club Members to compare their event results with other STL-area golfers, and to track their progress over time. Check out this quick Introduction to the River City Ratings or read the rest of the FAQ to find out more!
Q: How do I get a River City Rating?
A: All you need to do is to Join an STL-area Disc Golf Club, and play in a few Tournaments- your Rating will be calculated automatically!
Q: How are the River City Ratings produced?
A: The Ratings take into account a variety of metrics produced from each individual rated round. Check out the Round Rating Calculator to learn more.
Q: I’m familiar with the PDGA ratings- how are the River City Ratings the same/different?
A: They are similar in that they are both a Members-only benefit designed to give players a sense of how they compare to the competition. They are different in several ways- River City Ratings can be calculated from any STL-area club event that features competitive stroke play, they are generated using different mathematical processes, and they are “scaled” differently. See the next Q for more…
Q: Why doesn’t my River City Rating look like my PDGA Rating?
A: In simplified terms, the PDGA ratings are scaled so that a “Super Pro”-caliber round will earn a 1000-rating. The River City Ratings are scaled for quality “Local Pro” rounds to earn a 10.00 rating. Besides the difference in scale, we wanted to make the River City Ratings easily distinguishable from the PDGA’s ratings while keeping them easy to understand and use- hopefully the scale we’ve chosen will achieve those goals.
Q: How accurate are the ratings?
A: We’re pretty pleased with how they look so far and are confident they’ll only look better as more rounds get rated and the data-set grows larger. As a point of reference, for our members who also have a PDGA rating, there is a 72% correlation (r-squared) between their River City Ratings and their PDGA rating.
Q: What scores or events are used to generate the ratings?
A: Any club-sponsored, competitive singles stroke-play results can be used to calculate River City Ratings. Already, events as varied as the 100+ participant Club Championships, on one of the area’s longest courses, down to a 17-player Invitational at Quail Ridge have produced usable ratings. If you’re involved in an STL-area event and would like to see if River City Ratings can be generated from your rounds, get in touch!
Q: I have questions that aren’t covered here, and/or I’ve found an error with one or more names/scores/ratings- who can I contact to get answers or fix the issue(s)?
A: Please direct any questions or problems to the River City Ratings team- Ted Spies and Greg Wilcox. Our email addresses can be found on the Club’s Contacts page. Or you can post in the River City Ratings thread on the STLDGC Message Board.
Q: How can the Ratings be used?
A: The River City Ratings aren’t just a fun way to compare yourself to other golfers- they can also be used to enhance the competitive nature of local disc golf events in any number of ways. We’ve got some exciting things in the works- check back here or on our Events page for details/announcements, or ask your local TD how he or she might use the Ratings!
Q: How often are the Ratings updated?
A: We will be rating eligible rounds as soon as we get the results, and we’ll post full River City Ratings updates on this page on a pretty regular schedule (at least once month). Look for the next “scheduled” update- we may post an update ahead of schedule, and we’ll make every effort to never fall behind schedule.
Q: My River City Rating seems a bit higher/lower than it “should” be- what’s up with that?
A: Well, one possibility is you’re a little more, or a little less, talented than you think! Other possible causes for a rating that is slightly out-of-whack are attributable to the newness of the system- as more rounds get rated and more players play more rated rounds, you’ll see people’s River City Ratings settle near their current “true talent” level.
Q: I play events and see my name on one or more of the Updates reports, but my River City Rating is listed as “N/A” or “.01?- what’s up with that?
A: If your rating is listed as “N/A”, it’s because we don’t have record of you as a member of one of the area Clubs. If this is in error, please contact us and we’ll get it fixed. Once you join a local Club, any ratings you’ve earned will automatically be “unlocked”. If you have a rating listed as “.01″, it’s because you haven’t yet played the minimum of 3 rated rounds to establish your River City Rating. As soon as your third rated round is in the books, your rating will be unlocked.


  • By Tom Williams, 10/15/2012 @ 3:25 pm

    Will we be starting the ratings over with a new year like the pdga?

  • By RCFwebmaster, 10/24/2012 @ 7:17 pm

    We’ve got some ideas about how to keep the River City Ratings fresh as people’s skill sets change and improve…keep an eye on this page or the forums for more.

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