River City Flyers Board Members

President: Scott Galvin 314-324-7244

Vice President: Greg Dohogne 314-210-2038

Treasurer: Joe Jaegers 314-795-2784

Secretary: Rebekah Kersey

Membership Manager: Chris Kinsella 314-583-3340
email: or

Merchandise: Bob Waidmann 314-307-2187

Website Administrators: Isaiah & Joel Vaught 314-691-7930
email: or or

Creative Director: Daniel Doss 314-302-8204

Other Club Contacts

Stats & Ratings Reports: Greg Wilcox & Ted Spies or see above

Course Captains

The RCF’s Course Captains are the face of the St. Louis Disc Golf Club at area courses- representing the club to area players, working with the Parks Department and other golfers to improve our courses, and running & supporting leagues and tournaments. Who knows, they might even be good golfers if they ever got a chance to play! Give them your support and thanks the next time you see them.

Arnold City Park:
Mike McCoy 314-541-6169
Bluebird Park:
Rob Nahlik 314-369-3706
Carrollton Park DGC:
Creve Couer Park:
Ben Hart 314-560-9916
Danny Leach
El Shaddai:
John Reeds 636-295-5760
Endicott Park:
Tim Finan 314-536-4334
Gordon F. Moore:
Jefferson Barracks Park:
Mark Dudenhoeffer 314-713-8640
Jokerst Park:
Joe Bryson 314-221-2824
Kircher Park:
Lindenwood University:
T.C. Brown 636-219-7204
Paul A. Schroeder Park
Grant Goodrich 314-602-1512
Quail Ridge:
Tim Wiegard 314-581-9988
Rock Spring:
Bo Toebe 618-346-4388
Roxana City Park:
Ruth Toebe 618-346-4388
Silver Lake Park:
Sioux Passage Park:
Francis Albanese 314-330-0045
Unger Park:
(Unger is closed until further notice)
Watson Trail Park:
Daniel Doss 314-302-8204
West City Park:
Matt Nivens 314-276-5112
White Birch Park:
Bob Waidmann 314-307-2187
Woodland Park:
Jeff Ligon 618-978-8316